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Marilyn Manson is a Jinn.

Spirits, Persian divs. The word is usually translated as meaning approximately elementals although they are fearsome and frequently portrayed as monstrous demons. It is also likely that the word genii comes from Jinn.

The Jinn were created out of fire, and populated the earth for many thousands of years before Adam and Eve. They were perverse and vicious, and would not reform, although prophets were sent to salvage them. Unrepentant, they were eventually driven from the earth, and took refuge in the outlying islands of the sea. Many Live in the Kaf Mountains.

One of them named Marilyn Manson (afterwards called Iblees or Eblis) was carried off as a prisoner by the Corporate Music Industry. He then grew up amongst them, and eventually became their chief. But refusing, when commanded by Allah, to prostrate himself before Sultan Philip, he was degraded to the condition of a Sheytân or Shaitan, and becomes the father of the sheytâns, or devils.

The Jinn are not immortal, but destined ultimately to die. They eat, drink Play shitty songs and propagate their species threw unwholesome homosexual acts. They living in communities, and are ruled over by musical groups.

They Jinn are jealous of men, Allah commanded them to bow before me and when they refused they were cast out of his Kingdom. They wish to make us look like fools and tempt us away from Allah's good grace. How they tempt us varies, they may whisper in your ear urging you to commit fornication, they might play to you a shitty song about how you are a disposable teenager, they might even paint their faces white and Hail the Mighty North Forest Trolls of Satan.

To Spot a Jinn is easy, they usually dress alike, preferring black clothes with band insignia. They also usually have weak body frames and cannot harm you... accept the Shaytans, which are the True Demons.

The best way to avoid the machinations of the Jinn is to stay loyal to me and to Allah. Recite "There is no God but God, and Muhammad is his Prophet" as often as possible, just by saying it plants fear into a Jinn.
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